Survival of Serena

We curate art for the yachts from a selection of artists we follow closely. Then when the yacht is sold it goes as a complete package and the art stays onboard. Carole A. Feuerman is one of our favourite artists. She is based in New York, born in 1945, and is one of the pioneers of the hyper-realistic sculpture movement, which began in the late seventies. Feuerman’s sculptures portray models in a life-like manner, her subject is the human figure – most often a woman – portrayed using a range of materials, from bronze and marble to vinyl and painted resins.

Jeff Brown-10147

Feuerman uses her art to tell stories of strength, survival and balance through visual manifestations, and seeks to connect with viewers evoking engagement and emotion. If you have seen her work, you will remember it. Many of her pieces are lifelike models of swimmers looking very serene and reflective with their eyes closed and droplets of water rolling off them. But dig a little deeper and there is quite a story behind the sculptures. We keep going back to her work for the realism and the rapport we feel with it.

The sculpture pictured here is onboard ALYSSA. Originally this piece, featuring the torso and arms of a woman resting her ahead on an inner tube, was called Innertube Variant II. It has been made and remade since the 1980’s in many forms, coming to be known as Survival of Serena. We purchased a mini version for the yacht.

Feuerman says the original idea for this piece came from when she was living in Key West, Florida, in the late seventies, “I saw Cuban asylum seekers floating to shore on rafts they had strapped together out of inner tubes and driftwood. I was greatly affected and made Survival of Serena.”

We have also purchased other pieces. The sculpture entitled Balance is a tranquil portrayal of a woman who looks like she just got out of the water and is meditating. This was placed on HIGHLIGHT. Riza Tansu also has ‘General’s Daughter’ in his own collection.

Carole Feuerman’s work continues to be exhibited around the world and is in numerous permanent collections, both public and private. Works can be seen in galleries, parks and museums worldwide. We definitely recommend making an effort to see these stunning sculptures. The website is the best place to learn more about her work and exhibitions.

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